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3 Ways eSIM Can Change Remote Work

The world of business works heavily in tandem with technological advancements. A company that fails to adapt to modern renditions of practice using technologies is typically doomed to fail. Conversely, the world of tech works tirelessly to create more efficient and effective ways to communicate. Improving business communication is always a point of concern for many developers, which has caused a boom in mobile device upgrades to utilize eSIM connectivity especially in remote work.

Mobile technologies have been the point of contention for many famous developers and manufacturers. As the workforce becomes more mobile and remote work is becoming a stronger trend, this has created a new requirement for connectivity and communication. One way the modern business communications process is being boosted is through eSIMs and cellular data platforms.

eSIM Services Are the Catalyst to Better Remote Work

2020 has forced plenty of people into the work-from-home setting, which meant that many businesses needed to shift their connectivity practices online. When the pandemic hit, many people relocated either to find a better place to live or to be closer to their loved ones, and the internet has made work more comfortable to do from wherever.

There are also plenty of businesses hiring foreign workers and shifting to remote work environments, where the issue occurs. An all-American firm used to purchase a cellphone plan with a work phone, a SIM card with a company number, and an entire mobile plan for its use. Nowadays, multinational companies have to factor in cellphone communication difficulties due to various countries having their own service providers.

This concept is about to be buried as eSIMs start to catch on the business market. Here are three benefits of using an eSIM for remote businesses:

  1. Hardware Required Is Minimum

eSIM services can operate on a modern phone, so if an employee wishes to use the phone they are comfortable with, they can choose to do so by just obtaining an eSIM number. The technology allows multiple numbers to be stored on the phone with various carrier networks that include even private ones.

Gone are the days when a SIM card is needed and carrying multiple phones for work was a requirement. Tomorrow entails a single device for all essential work needs, and eSIM is enabling such effective remote work.

  1. Cellular Data Platforms Are Strongly Implemented

If we look at the world today, very few people send actual text messages or make phone calls using their numbers. With third-party applications doing all of this exceptionally well with a wide variety to choose from, this renders the idea of call-and-text plans obsolete. These applications are typically using cellular data to operate, and one can do all kinds of messaging and calling via software installed on their phone.

Additionally, eSIM services can expand to global data use, wherein business trips abroad for multinational companies can be easier to do without having to use up data roaming from SIM plans.

  1. eSIMs Are Highly Intuitive to Use

If a user is not precisely technologically-adept, software programs might not be the best option. With eSIMs, these can dial other networks based on the plan set using the phone’s UI itself. The UI will typically have an explicitly stated option as to which number a person wishes to use, reducing chances to make mistakes. Additionally, cellular data will be easier to set up due to its nature of being fire-and-forget even when traveling around the world.

Without needing to take out a physical SIM and having the chance of losing it, this makes the use of eSIMs much easier and straightforward for even the non-tech savvy.


eSIM data plans are the future of business connectivity, and remote work can highly benefit from the global data and communication potential of these products. Through a well-developed programmable wireless network, work processes are further supplemented and enhanced to offer companies a more streamlined business procedure.

CELITECH works to provide eSIM cellular data to businesses via web applications and API development. With wireless data being the future of both consumer and business applications, making the jump to newer technologies is the way to go. Contact us to know more about the magic of embedded SIM developments and programming.

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