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7 Ways eSIM Improves Operations in Industrial IoT

Various industries have accelerated the deployment of Internet of Things or IoT technologies, which have vastly improved their operations. IoT has also showed the possibilities of an even more connected world by adopting more devices. For this reason, numerous businesses have adopted remotely supplied eSIM or embedded sim technology to control their IoT devices’ cellular connectivity while enhancing their industrial productivity. Here are the different ways eSIMs improve efficiency in industrial IoT applications:

  1. Streamlined Shipping and Logistics

When companies know exactly where their supply and inventory goods are, they’ll have an easier time staying on top of their shipping and logistics. Fortunately, eSIM helps immensely in this area since it provides businesses with this information in real-time through connectivity on any local network. This feature also makes it possible for companies to ship higher value assets at lower tracking costs. Industrial eSIMs also offer live monitoring of the en-route location without needing to swap the SIM.

  1. Better Manufacturing

With the deployment of eSIM in industrial IoT devices, companies can enjoy access to a flexible and updatable network. It also provides a continuous feed of valuable insights from factory floors to the operation hub, allowing them to streamline communication and make the manufacturing process more efficient.

  1. More Efficient Item Tracking and Site Monitoring

eSIMs enable connectivity in devices, which means companies can remotely manage these devices and their technologies. They can also change profiles with Remote sim Provisioning (RSP, SM-DP in this case) once items cross borders. Even when operators deal with several different facilities in other places, they can continue monitoring their equipment and facilities.

  1. The Deployment of Smart  Energy

With access to better cellular connectivity, companies can enjoy a broader range of supply-chain choices. That also means they can efficiently distribute smart meters across different areas since they aren’t restricted to one network operator during the lifetime of their devices.

  1. More Connectivity in the Agricultural Sector

One of the biggest challenges of the agricultural sector is connectivity, as they work primarily in rural areas. Fortunately, eSIMs solve this issue by providing reliable connectivity and coverage to these areas, enabling businesses to use smart agriculture applications. They can also take advantage of other features offered by eSIM technology, such as tracking and monitoring equipment and livestock.

  1. The Production of Wearables

eSIMs are incredibly handy for industrial wearables. Companies can easily register devices and applications for each worker, facilitating the delivery and receipt of information without requiring employees to leave their posts. It also furnishes employees with reliable coverage as they go to other locations to test products, effectively reducing downtime and the potential for tampering with devices.

  1. Enhanced Security

Lastly, eSIMs offer better security to any device they are installed in, assuring companies that their industrial applications are safe and secure. It is a soldered component embedded within the device while being more difficult to identify, preventing physical inspection-based attacks. Additionally, eSIM technology complies with GSMA specifications and is mainly governed by GSMA.


eSIMs and IoT are the future of industrial technology, transforming the way people run industrial operations. They are also essential for businesses to modernize and stay ahead of the game as they improve security, streamline workflow, automate operations, and enhance customer engagement.

N.B. It is worth noting that consumer eSIM is very different than industrial eSIM (covered in this article) as it incorporates consumer privacy rules and regulations.

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