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How eSIM Can Revolutionize Work-from-Home

At the pandemic’s start, many companies scrambled to have their employees work from home (WFH). It was a crazy transition, but we did it. Such remote working arrangement is beneficial for workers because it allows flexibility, better work-life balance, and less time wasted commuting, especially when supported by wireless technology such as eSIM.

With the pandemic still looming, most companies offer their team to continue working from home. This arrangement can also benefit employers because it saves businesses about $22,000/employee annually. If you are an entrepreneur or an early stage company, it presents the opportunity of not having to pay for physical office space, electricity, etc.

It also increases productivity. According to the World Economic Forum, employees noticed that the working arrangement could boost productivity by 4.8 percent. But there is also many challenges to WFH. Still, eSIM technology can help you and your team over such challenges especially the one related to connectivity.

What Is eSIM?

An eSIM (or embedded SIM) securely stores mobile subscription data. It is also relatively compact because it is 60x smaller than a nano-SIM, and built into the device. So you don’t need to worry about handling eSIM. Even better about them is that they are rewritable and can be activated and managed online using QR codes.

Besides offering flexibility to connect to mobile networks on demand, eSIM is as secure as SIM cards with encrypted wireless service. Hence, extending connectivity to new mobile devices – including smartphones, tablets, and laptops – is more secure and reliable than WI-FI networks.

What Are the Benefits of eSIM?

WiFi connections are often unreliable, especially since employees must share bandwidth with other family members. And public WiFi is exposed and way less secure. As mentioned earlier, the embedded SIM offers a more secure and reliable connection compared to public Wi-Fi, and a backup option to home WiFi. And all this can be done online and on demand. Your team does not have to buy and insert a new SIM card from the local provider.

Your work-from-home team merely has to use eSIM QR codes to download the profile directly to their devices to connect to mobile networks instantly. Accordingly, your staff can easily connect to reliable internet anywhere, anytime.

eSIM technology enables the complete digitalization of SIM card management. It simplifies the management of enterprise devices because it also allows a single SKU (stock keeping unit) comprising the device and the eSIM. Thus, it streamlines the logistical process, reduces operational costs, and eliminates supply chain complexity.

Embedded SIM can also save a lot of time. IT managers merely have to facilitate the administration of different employee roles by setting up the various work profiles with unique subscription plans. It can also save your company a lot of money especially if you have international teams that have to travel and use data roaming.

Is There Any Downside to eSIM?

Like all things in life, the eSIM also has some disadvantages from work-from-home perspective. eSIM is not yet in all mobile devices. The devices the support eSIM started with Google Pixel 2 in 2017 and iPhone XR & XS in 2018. But many more devices including tablets and laptops now support eSIM and it’s a matter of time before we see it in all mobile devices like Bluetooth.

Lastly, managing the different profiles within an organization can be tricky. Each employee has distinct connectivity needs, depending on their role, mobility, daily tasks, and responsibilities. A sales representative who is often on the road would need more mobile data than someone who works out of office.


WFH and work-from-anywhere are here to stay given its benefits to both employers and employees. Such remote work is nowadays complemented by team outings and retreats to maintain some in-person interaction. In this new norm of work-from-home an eSIM can help you and your team continue being productive as it offers minimal work disruption with ubiquitous and on-demand wireless connectivity.

If you are looking for a way to tap into the benefits offered by an
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