What Are eSIMs and How Can They Help You?

Have you ever used a SIM card? If so, you’re not alone: just about anyone with a smartphone has utilized the benefits of a SIM card at some point in their lives. What many people don’t know is that things are about to get a lot more different with the introduction of the eSIM. This new technology is already starting to revolutionize the tech industry, and it’s probably going to completely change the way you interact with your device in the future.

Have you heard about eSIMs, or do you want to learn how the technology works and why its adoption is growing? This blog post can help you! Get the details about eSIMs, including how the technology works and why it's growing in popularity!

What Are eSIMs?

The eSIM (which stands for "embedded-SIM") is a new kind of SIM card that is a tiny chip embedded into mobile devices, allowing mobile users to digitally activate wireless plans. This is a pretty big change from the way SIM cards have worked for years, where you would have to place a chip into your device manually.

How Do eSIMs Work?

eSIMs work by tapping into a mobile network whenever your device is in range. This allows you to switch carriers without ever having to take your device into a store, and it also means that you don’t have to worry about needing a new SIM card every time you want to get a new device.

It’s important to note that eSIMs aren’t currently enabled on all devices, but most devices from 2018 onwards should have them.

eSIMs vs. Regular SIMs

The biggest difference between eSIMs and regular SIM cards is simply the ability to do things wirelessly. While conventional SIM cards have a physical slot that allows you to add or remove a SIM freely, eSIMs are digitally activated using QR codes or activation codes.

Once you’re able to make the switch, you can use the same wireless plan on any device that connects to your network.

Here’s how eSIMs can help you:

  • No need to worry about swapping your SIMs around to try out new devices
  • Switching between networks without the hassle of having a paper contract
  • Helps you save big on mobile data roaming during international travel

What Are the Benefits of eSIMs?

The eSIM is a lot more modern and easy to use than traditional SIM cards. Here are some specific benefits:

1) Provides Multiple Networks and Plans

Being able to access multiple networks without having to swap SIMs means that you’re going to have more flexibility from a service perspective. For example, you could subscribe to a data-only SIM from one network for business and access another network for a personal phone plan for calling and texting.

2) Helps With Traveling

eSIMs are also really convenient to save on data roaming and stay connected while traveling. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting a local SIM card and swapping it with you home SIM card. You can easily just activate an eSIM in many countries as second plan, without even having to worry about the hassle of a paper contract.

3) Dual-SIM Support

With a traditional SIM, you can have two carriers, but the second SIM will always have to have a data plan. With eSIMs, you can only have one primary SIM card for your primary number, and many secondary eSIM plans.


eSIMs represent a major shift in the way that we utilize our mobile devices. Whether during travel or locally, eSIM empowers mobile users to easily have multiple plans that work simultaneously on the same device. This will help businesses become more streamlined and allow individuals to be more flexible.

If you want to try eSIM for yourself, CELITECH can help you reap its benefits. We provide the best eSIM service for your business. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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