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Why You Should Start Using a Wireless eSIM

We wrote this article to talk to people interested in technology who often adopt new technology early. We think you are often ahead of others regarding what they read, watch, and consume, so you should adopt another new technology ASAP: wireless eSIMs.

Just as online payment technologies revolutionized financial transactions, wireless eSIMs will change the communication industry by making your phone fully digital.

Why Wireless eSIMs?

We’re stating this because phone companies have been making new products and adding features that don't require physical buttons. This new cellular category typically includes wireless and digital technologies.

The first wireless headphones were expensive and not as good as wired headphones. This made people hesitant to switch to this new technology. However, over time, wireless headphones have become much better and more affordable. This has led to more people using them, and now they are becoming more and more popular.

The ubiquity of wireless headphones has led to many phone companies and manufacturers no longer bothering with traditional wired headphones. In many cases, wireless headphones are now included as a free product when purchasing a new phone (such as with the Apple iPhone starting with XR/XS models).

The same can be said for mobile wireless charging, another new technology that is becoming increasingly popular. This type of charging allows you to charge your device without a physical connection. This can be done by simply placing your device on a wireless charging pad. This technology is becoming more common in new phones, as customers are demanding more wireless options!

Most phones now can wirelessly charge, showing that customers prefer this digital and cord-free option. So why not do the same for a phone’s SIM—by making it virtual and wireless?

Many old, heavy, and slow accessories are no longer needed. Newer, sleeker accessories that use the phone or device's internal resources more efficiently are being developed. Customers want a hands-free experience, meaning they don't want to insert and remove the SIM card every time they want to access their mobile devices.

Take note, when a company releases a new phone nowadays, it often has fewer ports than its predecessors. This trend is likely to continue until phones have no ports at all. Over time, SIM trays become less necessary as phones become more advanced and can hold more data without a SIM card.

SIM trays will also become less common and eventually be phased out entirely in favor of wireless eSIMs that function similarly without the clunkiness of a physical component that needs to be installed and refitted every time a user changes devices.

Let’s Summarize

Our advice? Don’t miss out on this technological development. Wireless eSIMs allow you to store your data on a remote server rather than on the physical card itself. This means you can switch between devices without having to go through the hassle of swapping out SIM cards or misplacing one during a transfer. These wireless eSIMs are slowly becoming more common, and, likely, they will eventually replace traditional SIM cards altogether.

Avoid playing catch-up by using CELITECH’s wireless data eSIM for your company today! We’re the world’s first digital-only platform that enables your business to access global cellular data through web apps and APIs. Get your demo by visiting our website.

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