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Why Your Company Should Invest in eSIM Technology

The global demand for eSIMs is increasing rapidly. In 2021, there were 1.2 billion eSIM-enabled devices, and this figure is expected to rise to 3.4 billion by 2025. In recent years, the way we work has changed quickly, and your company face the challenge of determining which new technology is right for the new world.

For a long time, SIM cards were necessary to provide mobile services. But with the advent of cloud and eSIM technologies, why are SIM cards still necessary?

In this guide, we explore how the advent of eSIMs can be beneficial for business management and expansion.

What Are eSIMs?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a SIM card that is embedded in a device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is a small, chip-like card that is usually about the size of a fingernail.

eSIMs allow users to connect to a mobile network without having to use a physical SIM card. Instead, the eSIM is stored remotely on a carrier’s server. This means that users can switch carriers or plans without having to replace their SIM cards.

It is pre-installed in the device, and users can easily activate it by scanning the eSIM QR code, removing the need for delivery waits and in-person identity verification.

Benefits of eSIM Technology

1) Provides Seamless Connection When Traveling

The travel industry, in particular, can benefit from the efficiency of eSIMs. Travel companies and hotels can offer eSIM services to major clientele that are often exposed to business trips. eSIMs are a great solution for business trips because they eliminate the need to purchase a new SIM card when a user travels.

Users can simply activate their eSIM and continue using their phone, laptop, or tablet as usual. This makes it easy to stay connected and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues while you’re on the go.

2)  Enables Remote and Hybrid Work

With eSIM technology, it is possible for users to work remotely without having to worry about losing connectivity. eSIMs can be used in devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and they can be activated and used in any country.

With hybrid work, users can work from home some days and come into the office on other days. This can be useful for users who need to care for children or elderly parents or for users who live in remote areas.

3) Saves Time and Money

The thought of changing network providers can be daunting for many, as the process usually involves physical SIM cards being shipped to each individual user. However, with eSIM technology, this process can be streamlined and simplified, making it easier for users to manage their devices.


eSIM technology is revolutionizing the way businesses connect to the internet and to each other, and it’s clear to see why it’s becoming so popular. Not only does it make it easy for users to stay connected while on the go, but it also saves time and money for each user.

If you are interested in trying eSIMs out, CELITECH has everything you need. We offer an API for mobile apps and travel companies to help you offer and benefit from eSIM services. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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