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How Mobile Data Analytics Can Boost Product Development

In terms of building useful technology and improving user experience through design, there must be a good understanding of the data gathered via various methods. An extremely valuable aspect of modern technology is how information is accessed and consumed through cellular data platforms. Over any other form of connectivity, mobile data and its associated analytics often holds the key to further understanding how to improve technology development, while staying compliant with consumer privacy laws.

Design is a data-driven process that requires plenty of analytical skills to make an educated approach to solving a problem. The center of any successful technology is a design philosophy that meets and exceeds the user’s needs, above all. One of the most recent technologies that can support such processes is a programmable eSIM API that enabled an online business or app to offer wireless data service and gain mobile analytics that improves user engagement.

Building Cutting-Edge Products Using Mobile Analytics

Successful products achieve a high volume of purchases. If you take a closer look at the items that are big hits and are always in the hands of users, you’ll likely see trends. Such products fill a void or gap in the user’s needs in a convenient manner or help users accomplish specific tasks effortlessly. Products don’t need to be entirely unique or totally new ideas; they just have to be innovative enough to fill in what customers need from using them with minimum possible friction.

Mobile analytics collected through mobile data and a programmable eSIM API can help relay important third-party information (e.g., device make and model) and other statistics (e.g., consumption analytics) for a developer’s use. With eSIM connectivity usage information readily available, extra ammunition can be provided to software developers to build things people want. Overall, mobile analytics track and measure user behavior when accessing various networks and using wireless data platforms to stay connected.

Why Use Mobile Data Analytics

Data is invaluable as a tool in modern-day technology development. While the evident benefits are in the hard facts provided, they also offer more value in other departments, such as:

  1. Contribute to Business Goal Progression

Investing time processing analytics will foster growth towards meeting company goals. And in many cases providing connectivity can be an enabler to your app or service. The behaviors of your website’s or mobile app’s users can also show you the data that proves if the software or product is going in its intended direction.

  1. App Improvement Is Constant and Consistent

Making changes to applications and software cannot be done without the right analysis. Thinking about what people are comfortable with and what makes people leave certain areas is where improvements stem from development. Going into a user experience or interface update without data is entering blindly and will often turn people off when it comes to the new changes.

  1. Marketing ROI Will Receive Boosts

Apps and software have tons of competition, and the development market is undoubtedly oversaturated. With millions of these products on the market today, it’s hard to stay afloat and convert leads into users and customers. However, cellular data and statistics can drive better marketing strategy improvements, helping people see unique value propositions and other incredible aspects.

Avoid Mistakes With Mobile Data Analytics

If you have data, don’t sit on it and let it just float in purgatory. Utilize it to your advantage, as the biggest companies in the world rely heavily on the information they gathered throughout the years. Here it is essential to make sure that you always comply with the local, national, and international consumer privacy laws which keep evolving. Additionally, avoid looking into vanity metrics, as designs are a whole ecosystem that do not just stop at having something look good. Functional designs are the future of technology, and people love simplicity with usability above all. It will also be an issue if you never determine key performance indicators and fail to develop a plan to meet certain goals around areas like conversion rates, mobile engagement, upselling potential, repeat sales, and customer retention and satisfaction.


Product development and marketing can be significantly improved by paying more attention to mobile analytics. New analytics can be collected via cellular data platforms that can track usage information to develop and improve the way users access, experience and engage with products. Working with a programmable eSIM API can empower any business or app to offer wireless connectivity and boost their mobile reach and engagement.

CELITECH is a premium programmable eSIM API provider that assists businesses with improved connectivity globally. Contact us to know more about what we can do for your business or app.

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